Submitting Images

I would prefer to scan the images myself. If this is not possible, or if you live out of town, then the following guidelines / requirements help to ensure the best possible printing results.

Resolution and Formats When submitting your digitally scanned images, please provide it in a high-resolution (minimum of 300 dpi but preferably 600dpi ) TIFF.

Mailing Photos
All pictures will be returned, so make sure to write your name and address on the back.
If you are sending your images on a CD or DVD, please, if possible, send as much information as possible with the images. This is including but not limited to: persons, place taken, date taken, what might have been taking place in the shot. Also verify, after the burning process, that all images that were intended to be sent were successfully burned to your disk.

E-mailing PhotosSubmit images to It is suggested that you send a “test” email to verify being able to successfully contact us. Please be aware if sending a large amount of images that most email services have a limit of 10 MB of attached file space. It might be necessary for the images to be divided into multiple emails. Along with the attachment of photos, please specify the amount of images that you are providing to avoid any loss of images through the emailing process. With larger files, please burn to a CD or DVD and mail in.

For those interested, I have just worked it out with Camera Castle to allow you to bring in up to 5 (five) images to have scanned and I will pay for them I pick up the digital copy. They have the photo release on site that needs to be signed. This is very important and images will not be used without this release.   

By submitting material you are giving the Hamblen County Archive permission to print. Photos must be submitted with a signed photo release form. This form can  be printed form the Photo Release page. While not every picture submitted will be included in the book, credit will be given to those that are.