Saturday, January 8, 2011

     We're excited to announce that the Hamblen County Archives is working with Arcadia Publishing and its’ coffee table pictorial history book series, "Images of America" . This edition will take readers on a unique visual journey into the Morristown of yesteryear. It will showcase images and other documents over the last 140+ years that helped shape a small settlement at the "bend of Chucky" to the area we love today. We hope through this unique pictorial retrospective, readers will explore some of the county's earliest communities, businesses and people that brought growth to the area.
    We are asking the whole community for their assistance in ensuring the absolute best visual representation of our past and history. We are looking for photos that are a minimum of 50 years old but willing to print newer images depending on content.  Do you have old photos of your relatives? Perhaps you have some images in a dusty scrapbook that show an old family business or your family at play? We are looking for images that help tell another puzzle piece of the history of Morristown, and we plan to go on an all out "shaking the bushes" campaign. This is your opportunity to leave a small footprint in time and help preserve a snapshot of history for future generations.

     If your images have anything to do with Morristown, we would love to talk to you. The images could be of your family, cars, buildings, sports, celebrations, studio portraits, funerals, farms, and people working, relaxing or even clowning around! Anything! If it happened in or around Morristown, it's important!
     You are welcomed to send me your photos, CD, or DVD, but please reference the requirements needed for publishing. If you prefer, you can call or e-mail me to set up an appointment to meet. One of our staff could even meet you with a scanner so you are always in possession of your photos – no need to worry about them being returned!